Tips for the perfect oatmeal!

Oatmeal is a good option to start the day, as it has a lot of important nutrients and tends to be a bit healthier.

That’s why I started to eat oatmeal, but the first time that I tried it was just horrible! The second time too and the third was exactly the same… I asked myself what I was doing bad, and then I came to the conclusion that I don’t like oatmeal. But that was wrong! I actually love oatmeal, but there were some things that I made reeeally bad, and that’s why my relationship with oatmeal was a hate-love.

So, if you are also searching how to make a good, good, good oatmeal keep reading:


And when I’m saying milk I mean only milk! Make your oats with water is like making your pancakes just with flour and water, that is just wrong! Use for your oatmeal just milk, and not half milk half water. I do recommend cow milk, because Your oatmeal will be creamier and also a bit more sweet. But if you are vegan, I recommend you to use flavored soya milk if you have a sweet tooth.


I know, some people are just scared from sugar. But you can substitute sugar for honey or also stevia. A very ripe banana or some kind of sweet fruit melted in your oats will work, actually any kind of ingredient that gives this sweet flavor. The thing is not to forget it! Without anything it will taste bad, and you will hate oatmeal for your whole life.


Oatmeal can be really boring or really interesting/different/funny. It depends in the toppings that you use, you can try a lot of combinations! Play with all the possibilities and make the best oatmeal for you. One thing that I love is to make traditional sweets in an oatmeal form, for example carrot cake oatmeal, just delicious! You can add fruits, any kind of butters, nuts, coconut… Try new things!


If you anyway don’t like oatmeal, and you tried all these tips, try to cook it the other form! Try baked oatmeal recipes, or overnight oats! I’m sure you will like some kind of oatmeal!


If you tried all this tips and you don’t liked it, maby oatmeal is just not for you! But the life goes on.



  1. Danni Vee Beauty · February 11, 2015

    My family have made porridge (that’s what we call it here) with milk all my life, and I couldn’t believe it when I was a kid and found out some people made it with water. How disgusting! 🙂 It must be so bland. My favourite topping combination is stewed apples and cinnamon with honey; another favourite is blueberries and almond flakes, yum!


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