I take a break….

Hello dear readers! Although I love writing in this blog I have to take a break to work more on my health. As you may know I’m fighting against anorexia and I think it would be the best for my health if I take a break of this, as this is a healthy food blog does not help me to make steps forward. Hope you understand it, and have a lovely day!


Introducing me and my blog!

My name is Carla and I’m 14 years old! I live right now in Germany but I lived in other countries too! I was born in Spain, Mallorca and then I moved to the penĂ­nsula. First in a little town and then to a bigger one. So yes, my life was full of changes! And I don’t think this will be the last one hahah.

This is only a small, small part of my life but you will know more with the time…

For a lot of circumstances I get ill of an eating disorder and depression for many years but now finally I’m recovering!

Now let’s talk about the blog, wich I think is more interesting hahah.

This blog will contain, recipies and recovery tips for the persons who have eating disorders too!

So I hope you will like the blog and be sure to comment and suscribe! We see us later, have a fab day!