Double chocolate NescafĂ© brownie recipe!

For the coffee lovers, here is the perfect recipe for a perfect brownie! It combines a light coffee flavour with a noticeable chocolate note, just delicious. So, let’s see the recipe!


-150gr dark chocolate

-5 bags Double chocolate cappuccino of Nescafé

-200gr butter

-225gr sugar

-3 eggs

-2 bags vanilla sugar or vanilla extract

-150gr walnuts

-150gr flour

-1 1/4 teaspoon baking poder

-75ml milk

-1 pinch of salt


Melt the chocolate and let it cool for 2 min, then in a mixing bowl put the butter, sugar , and 2 tablespoons water. When is mixed put the chocolate and the 3 eggs and mix it another time until is nice and smooth.

In another mixing bowl mix the dry ingredients wich are the flour,the pinch of salt, the baking powder, the vanilla sugar and the 5 bags of the Double chocolate cappuccino, when is mixed mix the dry ingredients with the other dough and add the milk. If you didn’t use the vanilla sugar add now the vanilla extract. When all is good mixed take a rectangular mold and put a baking sheet, then add the dough.

Put the dough at 160 degrees for 25-30 minutes, then let it cool and enjoy!