Healthy Penaut Butter Cups recipe!

Wow, this is the only thing that I can say to this recipe. Just, wow! I never thought healthy things will be thaaat yummy! But anyway I don’t want to write anaymore just see and ofcourse try this recipe if you love penaut butter cups!


-2 tbsp penaut butter

-2 tsp coconut oil, vegan butter or margarine

-1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (maby you will need some more, it depends how big are your cupcakes molds)

And you will need some cupcakes molds.


Melt the chocolate. Put a layer of chocolate (also a bit in the sides of the mold) in the cupcake molds and make sure you let enough chocolate for later. Refrigerate until the chocolate is dry. While the chocolate is in the refrigerator mix the oil butter or margarine with the penaut butter. Take the cupcake molds and put about a tsp of the penaut butter mixture, then put another layer of chocolate making sure they are good covered. Refrigerate them another time until are dry. Enjoy!