Healthy Cinnamon Pancakes for one!

It is yummy, it is easy and it is actually healthier as the original recipe… Just perfect! I’m trying to find out the best pancake recipe, and I think I find it! They are fluffy, yummy and actually really easy to flip wich I’m really thankful for. Let’s see the recipe!


-80gr flour

-cinnamon (as much as you want to)

-1 tsp. baking powder

-1 egg

-120ml milk

-oil (to grease the pan)

-vanilla extract (as much as you want to)

-pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl until the batter has the best consistency for you (if they are way to runny it will be really difficult to flip them).  Turn the heat to medium-heat and wait until your pan is warm enough, then spread some oil in the pan (don’t jump this step!!) and pour about 2 tbsp. of the dough. Fry the pancakes until they are golden-brown. And enjoy!


Note: Don’t forget to top them with syrup or any kind of fruit!


Easy Pancakes for One!

I think you already know that I love pancakes or? So today I want to show yo this PERFECT recipe, it is easy and just for you! So let’s get started!


-2 eggs

-3 tbsp. flour

-vanilla extract

-baking powder

-a bit of milk

-oil to spread in the pan


Beat the egg whites first, and after that pour the egg yolks into it. Beat until well combined and after that put the flour and slowly add milk until the dough has the best consistency for you. Add the vanilla extract and the baking powder. Turn the heat to medium-heat and wait until your pan is warm enough, then spread some oil in the pan (don’t jump this step!!) and pour about 2 tbsp. of the dough. Fry the pancakes until they are golden-brown. And enjoy!

Note: The pancakes will taste of course better if you top them with any kind of syrup!


Best recipe Banana Pancakes! (Healthy and for one)


Do you remember the recipe of the banana-oatmeal pancakes? This is the improved version of them! You have to try them, these are amazing! And they are healthy and just for you. The problem that I had with the other pancakes, was that they are really difficult to flip as they contain any eggs and the consistency is more liquid than these recipe. So of course is better when you make nice round pancakes than pancakes with a strange form! But it’s not only that better, the texture of these pancakes are like the really ones! Really fluffy and spongy. The taste is also really good, and the are also quite good plain! But I prefer always to put some kind of syrup hahaha. So let’s see this amazing recipe!



~Single serving (about 7 medium-small pancakes)~

-1 ripe banana (important that the banana is ripe, the more ripe the banana is the more sweet it taste!)

-2 eggs

-2 tbsp. flour (30 gr, you can use all the types of flour, but if the flour has some taste I don’t know if  it will taste good)

-some oil (for grease the pan)


Put your pan at high heat, then in a cereal bowl mash the banana (don’t mash it too much, as the consistency has to be more thick than liquid). When the banana is mashed put the 2 eggs and beat until all is well combined. Then add the 2 tbsp. of flour, then stir until there are any lumps. At this point the pan will be warm enough, so low to medium-heat. With a paper towel spread some oil (don’t omit this step if you want to flip your pancakes!). Then put about 2 tbsp. of the dough, make a round form and wait until the other side is golden-brown, then flip and wait until the pancake is also golden-brown in the other side. Put you pancakes in a plate and put some kind of sauce or syrup. In this recipe I recommend to put chocolate sauce as the banana taste really good with chocolate! Enjoy!


Is really important that after each pancake you grease your pan, sometimes I forgot it to grease my pan and It was really difficult to flip them, so don’t forget to grease your pan after EACH pancake!


Healthy Banana-Oatmeal Pancakes recipe! (For one)


Today I woke up and the cravings for pancakes were really strong… So I decided to make some! But like always something has to be wrong, I didn’t have eggs and I already puted all the ingredients in the bowl! So I had to improvise and I thought,what kind of ingredient could be as an egg substitute? Bananas! And so is how I invented this amazing recipe! And the good thing also is, that this recipe is only for you! I love single serving recipes, you too? Anyway, let’s see it;



-30gr oatmeal flour or all-purpose flour

-1 banana (ripe will be always better, if your is green don’t try to make the recipe! Wait until the banana is at least yellow)

-pinch of salt

-2 tbsp. plain yogurt

-2-3 drops vanilla extract

-1 tbsp. honey

-1/4 tsp. baking powder

-Milk (as much you need)


In a cereal bowl mix the dry ingredients and in another one the wet ingridients (excluding the milk). When all the ingredients are good mixed, mix the wet ingredients with the dry ones and put enough milk to have a thick but at the same time liquid consistency. In small pan, first at high heat spread some veg or coconut oil (all the types of oils or butters work well). Then put about 1 or 2 tbsp. of the dough and when start to bubble flip it when the other side is golden brown remove it from the pan and put it in a plate. Now that the pan is warm, lower it to medium-heat. This recipe makes about 4 small pancakes. I prefere to make the a bit small because is easier to flip, as this recipe is a bit sticky I really recomend to make them this way. As a topping I recomed to put some maple syrup, honey or like me some chocolate syrup, delicious. And of course enjoy!


Healthy pancakes recipe!

You know I like to vary! I can’t have the same food all the days because I get bored really easy… When I was in the worst times of my illness I couldn’t change anything of what I ate, but thankfully now this time has gone and now I have to make always something different to eat. Especially for breakfast! And I love pancakes, so I just decided to make them today for breakfast. But this time in a healthy way, and I have to say they taste really good! You can make them withou anything inside, I made them with apple pieces but alone taste really good too or even better! So if you want to know how to make pancakes in a healthy version just keep reading!


-45gr or 1/3 cup flour

-80gr milk

-2 tbsp or 10gr oats

-1 tsp baking powder

-1/8 tsp salt

-sweetener of your choice (I used 20gr of honey)

-1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract or 2-3 drops of concentrate vanilla extract


-Fruit of your choice (I used Apple, but like I said without taste good to or even better!)

-2 tsp melted virgin coconut oil (You can use veg oil, but coconut oil gives the pancakes an incredible shortbread-y taste. Omit only if you don’t mind the taste of fat-free pancakes).


In a cereal bowl, combine all dry ingredients except the Apple (or fruit of your choice), and stir very well. In a separate bowl, combine all liquid ingredients. (The milk is warmed to prevent the oil from solidifying on contact, this is a good practice for any baked-good recipe that calls for coconut oil). Pour dry into wet, and stir together to form a batter.

Grease a skillet, then turn the heat to medium. Test the heat of your skillet by throwing a few drops of water onto the surface, when the water sizzles, the pan is ready for the pancake batter. Turn skillet to low-medium and drop about 1/4 of the batter into the skillet, then spread out and lightly place the Apple or the furit of your choice in the middle, pushing down just a little. Repeat with another pancake. (Unless you have a giant skillet, it is best to just do two at a time so as not to crowd the skillet.) Flip pancakes over when the edges become firm and they are able to be flipped without breaking. Continue cooking until desired doneness is reached.

Then put the pancakes in a cute plate and put honey on top the pancakes to make them sweeter! You can put what ever you want on top, but I think without anything wont taste that good!