Clean eating, vegan, raw vegan,raw…Is good for an eating disorder recovery?

More and more people are starting the new diets clean eating, vegan or raw vegan only raw and so so so on. I’m not here to criticize if they are good for our body or not, I’m here to explain you why is not good to be in this diets when you are in an eating disorder recovery.

So let’s started with the easy reason, because this is an other type of a restrictive diet.

Really simple, in this diets you can’t eat what ever you want to! You can’t eat normal candies, you can’t eat for example normal pancakes and so on.

But then this people say, they only crave fruits and veggies (I can’t belive this sentence), well this is maby right but imagine you are in a pijama party, for example, and for breakfast they prepare pancakes, what would you eat in this moment? You can’t ask for vegan, protein whole wheat ones! The only thing you can make is ask for some fruits or veggies and look how your friends are enjoying it, isn’t a bit strange? I think this is really strange to see one of my friends who is having veggies or fruits for breakfast while the others are eating pancakes!

And don’t forget, we have an eating disorder wich made us refuse some types of food that are classified by ”unhealthy”, and this diets make you refuse ”unhealthy” food too so is like maintaining your ed there but in another cool and new way.

It is an easy way to don’t face the fear food.

Then, there are the vegan diets or raw vegan diets too; If you want to be vegan or you’re already one, ask yourself if you’re one because of ethical reasons or just because is a easy way to restrict, but don’t lye yourself and be completely true!

If the answer is for ethical reasons then the best thing would be to wait until you’re fully recovered.

If the answer is because of your ed just stop with it!

The physically part is really important in this topic too, these diets are classified as ”healthy” ones so it will be good if we start it when we have to get healthy anyway, or? Wrong! When we are recovering form an ed we need all the types of food, because we need all the types of nutrients. That means all the types of fat, protein, sugar, carbs and so on…

These diets are lacking in many types of nutrients, and they are way to high in other ones! And this is naturally not good for our malnourished bodies (not matter if you are lightly underweight or even undeweight as long you have restricted your calorie intake to low numbers you need all these nutrients).

So, the conclusion is: Just keep eating all the types of food and enjoy them! You can eat balanced but this is completely a diferent thing!

Have a nice day!